A place where you can watch what are we recently up to.

  • 1.7.-6.7. 2023 is Česfur, see you there 🙂

  • 21.-23.4.2023 is SlavCon time! You can meet us at Fakulta architektúry STU.
  • 20.2.2023 We are getting ready for Nordic Fuzzcon in Malmö, you can see our table there!
  • 31.12.2022 Happy Silvester everyone, here are some dinos ans ponies I´ve done this christmass. They were ment to be christmass tree decorations, but kids like to play with them, so I add magnet and the are magnetic now.
  • 23.8.2022 We are getting ready for Eurofurence convention 24.-28.8. 2022, see you there guys!

2.8.2022 New bag with paw, black and purple :3

  • 25.7.2022 Finishet holly tiger wallet. It is too hot here, it makes us lazy.
  • 17.7.2022 Leather belt bag with few wolf skulls, the front one is handmade of brass.
  • We are heading on the Česfur furry convention 2.-6.7. 2022, see you there guys!
  • 29.6.2022 Leather wallet with celtic knotwork dragon.
  • 14.6.2022 Another recessistic inside joke, and also sewing practice. I am actually pleased with the result :3
  • 6.6.2022 We have been very bussy during the weekend, not very artsy, but we were making strawberry jam, I made silly labels 😀 Lot of fun and sugar!
  • 1.6.2022 Snap (snow leopard) wallet, greenish-blue dye, leopard carving. I think that this is the first snap I ever painted. Or draw. At all.
  • 24.05.2022 Triceratopsy dinosaury wallet, blue dye. I wish there were more people wanting dino stuff, I really enjoy doing it :3
  • 16.05.2022 „dogabana“ bag is done. One of those „for fun“ projects, that started with transformation of dolce gabanna logo, because „dogabaná“ in slovak means also really badly dressed. So I made this pinkish-goldy-sparkle bag. Creepy burned the logo with laser. Still free for sale 😀